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Box of 16 tablets multivitamin + 16 tablets multimineral - 1 Box = 2 weeks

Composition Multivegan
Composition Multivegan


100 % Natural Multivitamin and Multimineral

Rich in natural marine Provitamin A from Dunaliella Salina, contributes to the maintenance of normal skin and normal vision.(1)

Rich in natural Vitamins B from Germinated Buckwheat, Guava, Holy Basil and Lemon.

Rich in natural bioavailible Vitamin C.

Rich in natural Vitamin D3 from Boreal Lichen.

Rich in natural Vitamin E.

Rich in Shii-ta-ke Mushroom.

MULTIVEGAN® Multivitamins & Minerals with Shiitake Extract helps restore optimal physical and mental performance.

Tailored all-natural vitamins and essential minerals for hectic lifestyles. MULTIVEGAN is a high dose formulation of pro A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B8, B9, C, D3 and E natural vitamins plus other essential minerals for general stamina. These key natural nutrients work in synergy to help you to perform at your best and get the most out of all the day. MULTIVEGAN is free from artificial nutrients, stimulants, and offer a healthy way to help you be at your best, both physically and mentally. MULTIVEGAN combination of B & C vitamins and essential minerals as magnesium help you to release your energy. Free from synthetic compounds MULTIVEGAN is perfectly suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Only one a day multivitamin tablet in the morning and one a day multimineral tablet in the evening, at dinner time, offer a perfect synergy for physical performance and mental energy. MULTIVEGAN helps relieve of short periods of exhaustion caused by stress, tiredness. MULTIVEGAN also helps to complete deficient nutrition.


Acerola extract, Dunaliella Salina extract, Lichen extract, Buckwheat extract, Guava-Holy Basil-Limon extract, Glycine max extract, Shii-ta-ke extract.

Directions for use

1 tablet

(1) 1 Multivitamin tablet a day, at breakfast time, provides all natural bioavailable vitamins together with the famous revigorating Shiitake extract to enhance general vitality + 1 Multimineral tablet at dinner time provides the main natural minerals to cope with stressful situations and to relieve fatigue

Natural origin components

Phytocarotène marin


Extracted from Dunaliella salina algae, Natural catonenoïds are the best provitamin A precursors, which is to say that they are converted into vitamin A in the body according to the body’s needs only when it needs it without any risk of Hypervitaminose as it could be possible with synthetic vitamin A. This safe natural source of Pro vitamin A is important for vision and it contributes to the integrity of tissues and notably the skin. Flamingos enjoy eating these small algaes to take all the healthy advandates of these natural provitamin A nutrients, for their vision, and for their immune system as well. Dunaliella carotenoïds also help protect the skin from pollution and oxidation.

Huile de germe de blé et de pépins de raisin


These germinated buckwheat small seeds are the most concentrated natural sources of natural vitamins B. It is a very innovative process that enable to cover 100 % of daily needs in 4 vitamins B with their bioavailable form . Most of old generation vitamins B complexes on the market are manufactured with synthetic vitamins analogs or fermentated yeast on synthetic vitamins that have been discovered as poorly biavailable. For example, The body actually has no possible direct use for the synthetic cyanocobalamin Vitamin B12 or synthetic folic acid Vitamin B9 that never occur alone in Nature- these precise synthetic compounds themselves-, and the body would have to set about converting any synthetic cyanocobalamin into methylcobalamin true vitamin B12 form as soon as possible ( through various enzymatic pathways that are not always active). It’s this natural methylcobalamin- compound that the body needs to function properly, that is provided by MULTIVEGAN Unabsorbed synthetic cyanocobalamin Vitamin B12 can be caused by frequent enzymatic deficiency, genetic mutation ( induced by pollution) and co-factors nutrients deficiency ( as food poor in methylfolates ) and by a variety of medical problems.

Natural source vitamins B

, offer a better bioavailability, thanks to perfect molecular form that fits to cell receptors, - allow the body to

bypass the Cyanocobalamin poor absorption in the small intestine

and use the natural vitamin immediately as perfectly recognized by cell receptors. - ensure that the body gets exactly the active B12 and other co factors vitamin B form it needs, whereas if Cyanocobalamin is used alone, there can be further problems with converting the chemical cyanocobalamin into the active methylcobalamin, depleting methylfolates and other nutrients, required for its metabolism., inducing folates-dependent-troubles. - It has been suggested that deficiency of methionine synthase (requiring Methylcobalamin) and the block of the conversion of methionine to S-adenosylmethionine (SAM) is responsible for the neuropathy in Methyl B12 deficiency states ( despite high seric level of unmetabolized cyanocobalamin). -

Unmetabolized cyanocobalamin with sufficient analytical levels, may mask a real deficiency in active Methylcobalamin

, and deplete methylfolates. - Synthetic Folic acid supplementation without methylfolates, may not balance this situation as far it does’t provide methylfolates required for both B12 and B9 metabolism. Vitamins B9, B12 should be supplemented as a whole B complex with their natural forms, and not as isolated synthetic non-methyl forms. That's the reason why Holistica developped this perfect natural vitamins synergy complex including Methylfolates, Methylcobalamin and other natural vitamins B extracted from these natural sources. Germinated Buchwheat sprouts induce a high rise of natural methylcobalamin form for their own growth process and they also contain natural B3, B8 and B9 as natural folates ( co factors of Methylcobalamin bioavailability).


Holy Basil is a very famous traditional herbal remedy, to fight stress. Recent discoveries have provided evidence that it contains natural vitamin B3 that is a well known vitamin for its anti stress function and for nervous system balance. Ayur vedic and all oriental mediterranean medecines have included the use of this herbal remedy to fight stress and support a strong mental strengh. It helps to fight Burnout risk for those who work too much or are exposed to affective stress.


IN order To complete these natural vitamins B sources and cover all the daily needs in all the other required vitamin B, we include in this innovative natural multivitamin product, a guava fruit extract that complete our formula with natural vitamin Vitamin B6, B1, B2 and B5 that are essential both for cardio vascular, nervous, endocrine, immune and dermatologic systems. Lemon folates also provide complementary B9 methylfolates to reach a sufficient concentration for the daily needs. Vitamins B12 and B9 work together but also require sufficient levels of Vitamin B6 and B2 to support Methionin / Homocystein/ Cystein cycle that is important for many important cardio vascular and nervous functions but also for energy metabolism, and for fertility functions.


The acerola Malphia glabra L. we use is native from the French Antilles islands and its origin was also found in South and Central America. It’s a bush that reaches up to a maximum of 3 meters in height. When the acerola fruit matures, it turns red or purple. Its pulp is soft and succulent. With a fantastic vitamin C level, varying from 1000 to 3000 milligrams per 100 grams of pulp, it is 20 times more concentrated in vitamin C than orange and lemon. Acerola also contains complementary bioflavonoids. The concentrated active principles contained in this small cherry can satisfy 100% of the daily requirements of vitamin C with only one or two tablet a day. This natural vitamin C,naturally associated together with its nutritional flavonoïds cofactors supplied by the fruit itself, takes part in the make-up of supporting collagen function and tissues and help to fix Iron for tired people: it is a real boost for daily general stamina. As a major co-factor antioxidant, natural vitamin C participates in the protection of connective tissues and to boost immune system. Most of synthetic vitamin C on the market are only isolated ascorbic acid that is poorly bioavailable when not associated with natural flavonoïds required for vitamin C absorption. For optimal Vitamin C bioavailability, researchers have shown that Vitamin C is boosted when associated with Natural Provitamin A carotenoïds as they are provided here together with Dunaliella algae ingredient. Synergy with natural vitamin C and Provitamin A is also enhanced thanks to Natural Vitamin E associated in this product.


Our vegan Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol) comes from a special Lichen growing up in areas exposed to specific boreal powerful sun rays. Lichens provide the best nutrients usually contained in both mushrooms and algaes. This gives them unique attributes such as surviving in extreme climates and having the ability to accumulate meaningful levels of useful nutrients, including Vitamin D3 to be able to increase their own immune system but other «totum» nutrients as well. A long history of Lichens safe use was our number 1 priority and we carefully selected a lichen that has been traditionnaly used in foods for centuries (and continues to be used today) in scandinavian countries for perfect Vitamin D bioavailability to be active, thanks to its natural Vitamin D co factors.


This natural Vitamin E, one of the best known antioxidants, is extracted from vegetable oils, unlike synthetic vitamin E, and has a structure that is perfectly suited to the protection of cell membranes. The bioavailability of natural forms of vitamin E is higher than that of synthetic forms, based on the animal assays and also demonstrated in human studies. These studies have shown a strong discrimination between natural and synthetic vitamin E. It appears that this discrimination occurs after absorption from the digestive tract and that natural vitamin E is retained significantly longer in body tissues.


In many Eastern cultures, Shii-ta-ke mushrooms are an integral part of the daily traditional use for 2,000 years to boost general stamina. Shii-ta-ke edible wild mushrooms (growing on Shii-tree) contain naturally occurring a large spectra of nutrients, including precious natural polysaccharides compounds known as alpha and beta-glucan that enhance vitality, vigor and energy. Holistica is proud having been in the 80’s the first European company after the Japaneese Chihara team to develop a large know-how related to mushrooms polysaccharides and glyconutrients from concentrated edible shii-ta-ke mushrooms extracts and being able to develop a full spectrum of revitalizing polysaccharides formula that provide such energy boost effect not only to fight tiredness but to support so well immune system. Unlike green plants which produce many of their own nutrients via the sun’s energy during photosynthesis process and from soils, mushrooms primarily obtain their precious nutrients from wood matter where they grow on. Rich in enzymes, the shii-ta-ke mushrooms digest the wood fibers rich in rare healthy components as mannose, xylose and some others oses compounds, resulting in polysaccharides ( long chain sugars) with high level content in this shii-ta-ke mushroom extract. While unfortunately the majority of shii-ta-ke mushrooms produced worldwide are now grown on sawdust block in a non-natural setting, Holistica has studied many traditional substrates for his shii-ta-ke extract and never selects mushrooms growing on rice bags (used in «so-called» organic cultures) because rice is a substrate rich in glucose, and is the last sugar we could miss in our modern diet. Rice (even an organic one) is definitively not the natural substrate for shii-ta-ke mushrooms. That is one of the reasons why Holistica prefers natural wood substrate for its mushrooms selection and endemic origins than artificial organic method that are sometimes too far from the traditional and natural substrates. Although these shiitake mushrooms can be obtained from the usual diet, extracts with hot water are preferred form because the cell walls of the mushrooms are made up of a high percentage of an indigestible fibrous material known as chitin. It is difficult for humans to gain all the benefits from these nutrients unless they are processed in a precise manner to extract these nutrients and turn them into bioavailable compounds for humans. It is also recommended not eating raw shii-ta-ke or simple low-cost raw shii-ta-ke powder without the necessary extraction process, to avoid bad digestion of these compounds. If usual macronutrients are well known, some rare carbohydrates families, including alpha and beta polysaccharides compounds help to boost immune system and general vitality. As saturated fatty acids are in excess in modern food and unsaturated fatty acids are missing, refined and short chain sugars are also in excess but researchers have shown that long chain polysaccharides as alpha and beta glucans are missing. Many famous researchers have described Lentinan, KS2 and AC2P polysaccharides and alpha hexose natural compounds of shii-ta-ke mushrooms as promising nutrients for general well-being. They offer a real boost and deserve their well know status in traditional oriental medecine as an Elixir of Life. All together , all these natural vitamins associated to this Shiitake energy booster offer an amazing ally to cross seasons with a vigorous health and fight any pathogen that could occur in day to day life. Completed by evening multiminerals tablets, you'll have in hand in a single product all the balanced micronutrients your body needs for an optimal vitality.

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